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Specifics of Graphite Pencils

Information About Graphite Pencils

Recently I've been taking care of a drawing and i also wanted more pencils in order to achieve the form of realism that we want. I acquired a pack of Kimberly Graphite Pencils from Micheals arts and crafts store. From the package I managed to get 10 different grades of pencils that gives me a good selection of light and dark. drawing pencils

So what can you know about graphite pencils? Well this was my frist time using graphite pencils and all I knew was there were pencils that can get really dark, almost black, and really light. Also i knew they were called hard and soft pencils on the other hand didn't know which were the hard pencils and which were the soft. The package on my own pencils explained some stuff so I'll inform you what I find out about them.

First off, a grade is the term for how hard or soft a pencil is (which suggests how light or dark the graphite could get). Whenever a pencil is soft, it gets dark and when a pencil is tough, it's light.

The range of graded pencils during my package were:

4H - considered the "hardest" ni the pack of pencils. It does not take lightest also it doesn't erase or smudge well. (which is often good).
8B - considered the "softest" pencils. It gets really dark and it smudges well. It is possible to erase it fairly well speculate it's very dark, it leaves some residue so you have to put some effort when you get it all gone.

The "H" means "hardness", "B" means "blackness, and "F" means "fine point". Combined with lettered scale, where B will be the soft pencils and H are the hard pencils, additionally there is a numbered scale, that's the location where the term 2nd pencils originate from. drawing pencils

Post by pencil97set (2016-08-03 11:32)

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